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1 Everything I love (C Porter) 3:19
2 Sweet and Lovely (J Lemare) 2:24
3 But Beautiful (J Van Heusen) 4:30
4 I love you (C Porter) 3:07
5 Emily (J Mandel) 3:55
6 I should care (A Stordahl, P Weston) 3:18
7 Long ago and far away (J Kern) 3:02
8 Darn that dream (J Van Heusen) 5:10
9 How deep is the ocean (I Berlin) 3:50
10 A weaver of dreams (V Young) 3:24
11 Solar (C Wayne, M Davis) 2:26
Total playing time: 38:40

Recorded in Falkenberg, Sweden in spring 2021
Mastering: Tomas Ferngren
Front Cover Art: Hannah Svensson
Produced by Ewan Svensson
2021 © ESM-Prod. ESMCD210

Falkenberg’s and the Swedish west coast’s ”Joe Pass ”, Ewan Svensson, has over the years
delivered a number of records as a bandleader and sideman in various settings. Here
on his fresh album, he plays solo and duo with himself. With unfailing
elegance and dexterity, he dissects a bunch of standard songs signed
Miles Davis, Cole Porter, Jimmy van Heusen, Johnny Mandel and others. He bids
on intellectual conversations with oneself with ingenious phrasings of single notes
as full-bodied chords. Straight through well-played and enjoyable!
Highly Recommended!
ST/Hans-Erik Bergman