(String LP 010590)
African Flower (D. Ellington)
Three Steps (E. Svensson)
Daahoud (C. Brown)
I´ve got it bad (D. Ellington)
3rd Flight (E. Svensson)
Con Alma (D. Gillespie)
Prism (K. Jarrett)
Jitterbug Waltz (F. Waller)
Round Midnight (T. Monk)
Thanks (E. Svensson)

Ewan Svensson – acoustic guitar
Kjell Ringstrom – acoustic guitar

”…beautiful music on the highest of level…. Kjell Ringstrom and Ewan Svensson showed an intelligent and brilliant ensemble on their acoustic guitars” /G.Hoffsten Linköping

”…STRING is a very remarkable duo, especially when it comes to using the harmonic possibilities,….but the music of STRING is very well laid out with the aim to avoid the dullness of similarity that is otherwise so obvious in this instrumentation. The reason for this is Kjell Ringstrom´s arrangements, filled with harmonic and instrumental refinement, making the duo sound orchestral in a very unusual way. An appropriate repertoirewith a considerable span regarding style and expression is another positive element. Ewan Svensson is a very good guitarist, one of the best. He´s got a self-evident, free flying attack in his play, perfectly timed phrasing and an easy flow of ideas resulting in well connected musical lines.”
J. Olsson, NWT

”…the duo served a selection from the evergreen-repertoire with some fine songs by Elington, Waller and others, but also modern classics such as”Daahoud” by Clifford Brown and a waltz by Ewan Svensson entitled ”Three Steps” …the duo played excellently and Ewan is a soloist among the very best.”
/P. Broberg Arvika

”…in the closing ”Round midnight” the arrangement by Ringstrom feels completely fresh and new. The guitar seems to take the idea and feeling of the original song and carry it out in a quite different way. They seem to be playing straight out of Thelonius Monk´s heart. You can´t get any closer than that!”
/T. Boman, VF