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Ewan Svensson Quartet

DRCD284 (1995) Köp CD här

1 Mirror
2 One For Three
3 Monday Afternoon
4 Directions
5 Piece III
6 April Walk
7 Heavy Traffic
8 Beautiful Love
9 Heart of the Matter
Used Shoes
Green Light

Ove Ingemarsson – tenor sax
Ewan Svensson – guitar
Matz Nilsson – bass
Magnus Gran – drums

All compositions by Ewan Svensson except 8 by Victor Young, and 9 by Ove Ingemarsson

Recorded at Bohus Sound Recording, Kungälv, November 24 and 27, 1994
Sound Engineer: Åke Linton
Photos and cover art: Per Bergbom
Graphic design: Hans Berglund
Produced by Ewan Svensson & Dragon Records


“Falkenberg guitarist Ewan Svensson has had this quartet for many years. It is also noticeable that the musicians know each other well. The ensemble playing is impressive and the soloists have the security that is so important for making good music. Ewan Svensson has written all songs except two. Many of them are really great, April Walk and Used Shoes, with their fun theme, for example. The guitar playing is largely based on John Scofield and John Abercrombie. Ewan Svensson has managed to find a niche between these two greats. He plays logically and actually more melodically than the famous role models usually do. Ove Ingemarsson’s tenor playing is an important part of the quartet’s music. Here I think Ove is more in his favor than on his own record. Each solo is chiseled and clear. Never a doubt in his playing. Nor have I heard Matz Nilsson play better on record. Matz has grown as a musician since returning to the double bass. Magnus Gran is a strong dynamic drummer who has developed tremendously in recent years. He gives the soloists oxygen and the music form. This is really good ”west coast jazz”. LENNART BLOMBERG