For You

Two Generations

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Hannah Svensson – vocal
Ewan Svensson – guitar

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For You (DRCD 426)
Rec. in Falkenberg in spring 2015 at ESM-Studio
Mixed by Ewan Svensson
Mastered by Lars Hillerström, Studio Lynga
Front cover photo: Lars Wallenäs
Graphic design Sofia Berry
Produced by Ewan Svensson & Dragon records

”The music on this release by Two Generations is unusually warm, lively and, at times, clearly virtuoso. It’s obvious to me that Ewan Svensson’s status as a long-established and respected artist represents the ‘first generation’ passing on lasting musical knowledge and feelings to his daughter (and student). In fact, it’s a shining example of how one generation can hand down the best of their expertise and experience to the next link in the chain.
Ewan Svensson’s quest for musical perfection clearly inspired his daughter Hannah to achieve the same ambition. She has her own warm sound as she tirelessly continues to develop. So that, today, you can hear a natural maturity and control of tempos, phrasing and moods which is far from common among young jazz singers. Hannah’s way of getting to grips with the most difficult passages is testament to the strength of her articulation. There’s no doubt that she has established herself as a major new Swedish artist with an exciting future.
I knew about Ewan Svensson’s musicianship and guitar playing. But I’d never actually heard it – just snippets of talk from other musicians on the Swedish scene referring to him as a guitar ‘giant’. Then, purely by chance, I got to hear him live. And, boy, the way he plays! That I hadn’t discovered him much earlier must rank as a serious mistake… The man has already made 14 CDs!
My view is that Ewan Svensson belongs to a very small group of Swedish guitarists who (1) have a unique sound, which (2) is topped by a totally flawless technique based on a solid understanding of harmonies, rich phrasing and a firm grasp of articulation, and (3), with their baselines, rhythmic accents and broad chords, he executes all his solos to maximum effect. Great! To get the chance to perform my own solo in such company is should be every artist’s dream!
Hannah and Ewan, daughter and father together, are a new and fresh duo in Swedish music. Even better, Two Generations deliver neat musical entertainment and a total pleasure.
Dear listeners: please enjoy! 
/Bengt-Arne Wallin