Some favorite things

Two Generations

(DRCD 413)
1 love for sale (C. Porter)
2 the way you look tonight (J. Kern/D. Fields
3 autumn in new york (V. Duke)
4 the blues are never far away (E. Svensson/D. Castle)
5 my favorite things (Rodgers/Hammerstein)
6 no words (Svensson/Castle)
7 never will I marry (F. Loesser)
8 pretend you´re me (Svensson/Castle)
9 my romance (Rodgers/Hart)
10 the meaning of the blues (Worth/Troup)
11 god bless the child (B. Holiday)
12 speak low (K. Weill)
13 the sunflower (Svensson/Castle)

Hannah Svensson – vocal
Ewan Svensson – guitar

Rec. in Falkenberg in spring 2012
Front cover photo: Lars Wallenäs
Graphic design Sofia Berry & ESM-prod.
Produced by Ewan Svensson & Dragon records

4 stars in Jazz Journal!
A most enjoyable father and daughter session from Sweden which comes with justifiable sleeve-note praise from Dave Castle. Ewan Svensson has eight previous Dragon releases to his name and on this evidence he is clearly a special player. Sometimes a touch reminiscent of Philippe Catherine, but generally very much his own man, he has a lovely, ringing yet mellow sound as well as a terrific sense of internal rhythmic spring to his lucid lyrical lines and elegant chording: hear the Svensson/Castle original The Blues Are Never Far Away or the deeply atmospheric, harmonics dappled rubato prelude and coda to My Favorite Things.
Pleasingly light-voiced, daughter Hannah phrases with involving intimacy and tempered exuberance in a programme which includes a wealth of freshly cast classics as well as further characterful Svensson/Castle originals: she has good enunciation and swing, scats judiciously and generally compliments the intelligently apportionell wealth of her father´s consistently engaging figures to lovely, space-sensitive effect. Michael Tucker / Jazz Journal

Two Generations 
Some Favorite Things 
* * * * * 5 stars 
Behind the group name ”Two Generations” we find the father and daughter team of Ewan and Hannah Svensson. We are familiar with Ewan since many years back as one of Sweden’s foremost and most original guitarists. Had he not made the decision to continue living in Falkenberg, where, by the way, he has been the organiser behind the annual jazz festival, he would have undoubtedly been more known and talked-about on the Swedish jazz scene than he is today.
26-year-old Hannah has for very obvious reasons accumulated a whole lot of jazz in her genes. In addition she has been blessed with a singing voice way above the average, suitable for both jazz and folk song. She has studied at the University College of Music in Gothenburg and has over the past few years performed with various constellations at clubs and festivals around the country. As late as in August this year (2012) she scored a success at the Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival where she sang together in a duo with her father Ewan.

On “Some Favorite Things” we can hear in many instances the indications of the family connection. Ewan and Hannah understand each other’s intentions intuitively and what a joy it is to follow their harmonic and rhythmic adventures together. As a foundation for their explorations they have chosen nine well-known song gems from the American treasure trove, plus four numbers from the collaboration between Ewan and his lyric-writer colleague Dave Castle. 
Hannah has perfect intonation, good diction and she phrases personally and imaginatively. She is superb rhythmically – like her father Ewan – and sometimes takes the liberty to stretch out wordlessly without any apparent strain. She is, in other words, a jazz singer in the highest Swedish division, the same one that includes Rigmor Gustafsson, Viktoria Tolstoy, Vivian Buczek and possibly another whom I have failed to mention in my haste. The fact that we will hear more about and by Hannah Svensson – and naturally father Ewan – is a certainty.

Best tracks: A fantastic “My Favorite Things” and Svensson/Castle’s original “Pretend You’re Me”.
Jan Olsson / DIG Music Magazine

Best tracks: A fantastic “My Favorite Things” and Svensson/Castle’s original “Pretend You’re Me”.


Two Generations, in other words Hannah and Ewan Svensson. 
Father Ewan, a very experienced and gifted guitarist and daughter Hannah with equally gifted vocal talents. They are two that I have had the pleasure of hearing “live” in Hoganas Church one summer afternoon in a memorable concert a few years ago, then as a quartet but now as a duo in close intimate musical collaboration. Ewan Svensson has for many years established himself as one of Sweden’s most talented guitarists who we have heard in many diverse musical contexts.
Daughter Hannah has now been singing for some years and has matured to become a singer of class having a good jazz conception with an attack in the up-tempo numbers as well as feeling and warmth in relation to ballads.
Like most every young artist these days she has studied at a college of music, in her case Gothenburg. The choice of their material is American jazz standards plus four from Ewan’s pen in collaboration with lyric writer Dave Castle.
The sensitively beautiful ballads “Pretend You’re Me”, “No Words”, and the final song “The Sunflower” are all sung and played with sincerity and warmth. The blues-oriented “The Blues Are Never Far Away” has intensity and tempo. Among the jazz standards are “My Favourite Things”, “Love For Sale” as well as the deeply-felt “The Meaning Of The Blues” that are the best for me personally but everything is performed perfectly.
Thord Ehnberg / Bollnas Tidning