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Ewan Svensson Project
feat. Diana Torto & Stefano Battaglia!

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Two of Sweden´s absolute best jazz guitarists play both familiar and less heard standard tunes. Rune Gustafsson has become a legend since more than 40 years with numerous records, TV-programs and tours. Over the years he has played with musicians like Jan Johansson, Bengt Hallberg, Arne Domnerus, Jan Allan etc. and also with a multitude of international jazz stars.

Rune and Ewan have played together on some occasions before and decided to try a tour with this project in October -96. It worked out very well and they made a new tour on the west coast in Sweden which received even greater attention. Some people may expect that they are going to hear some kind of guitar battle, but nothing could be more wrong. The guitarists instead complement and inspire each other and the music is presented in different settings from quartet to duo- and solopieces.