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Ewan Svensson Project
feat. Diana Torto & Stefano Battaglia!

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Sometime Ago
Allt är rytmiskt, harmoniskt
och melodiskt raffinerat!
Ewan Svensson
Sometime Ago
(ESM Prod./ info@esm-prod.com )

"Sometime Ago" lets us take part in Ewan Svensson entirely on his own. At home in his studio, without pretentious preparations and artistic arrangements, he played with a bunch of inexhaustible standards derived from the American songbook. And here and there he has, afterwards, carefully and with indifferent taste, added one and another extraordinary sentence, which means that he thus plays duet with himself. Among the 13 melodies Ewan has chosen as the basis for his most remarkable tone embroideries are Hoagy Carmichael's beautiful "Skylark", Jimmy van Heusens "I Thought About You" and "Here's That Rainy Day" and Robin Raingers "If I Should Lose You ". But the best is finally: Bill Evans and Miles Davis "Blue in Green", a classic that appeared for the first time on Miles immortal album "Kind of Blue". Ewan gives the very own and very personal interpretation.
So lucky I do not think I've been out of a guitar album since I purchased Joe Pass's first solo album on the Pablo label just over 40 years ago! Ewan Svensson, like Pass, is a virtuoso of the highest and most precious dignity. Most things seem to be so easy to play and everything is so rhythmic, harmonious and melodically refined that you get really happy.
"Sometime Ago" should be included in the standard equipment of every music school where they teach guitar play. And that all jazz guitarists should soon get the album is a matter of course!
2017 Best Swedish Jazz Album?
/Jan Olsson