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Ewan Svensson Project
feat. Diana Torto & Stefano Battaglia!

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Sometime ago

Ewan Svensson solo och duo
ESMCD 2017

For You

Two Generations

(Dragon Rec. 2015)

Some Favorite things

Two Generations
(Dragon Rec. 2012)

Moments Passed

Ewan Svensson Trio
(Dragon Rec. 2010)

Sunrise on the Moon

Ewan Svensson Trio
med Linda Pettersson Bratt & Antoine Herve (Dragon Rec. 2010)

The Sunflower

Hannah & Acoustic 3
(ESM 2008)

Light & Shade

Ewan Svensson Quartet feat. Linda Pettersson (Nocturne 2005)

Just live to tell the tale

Ewan Svensson Trio & Antoine Hervé
(Spice of Life Inc. 2005)

My one and only love

Janne "Loffe" Carlsson 4
(Dragon Rec. 2004)


Ewan Svensson Trio
(Dragon Rec. 2001)
Meeting Meeting 

Ewan Svensson Quartet &
Ensemble Ginestra
(Dragon Rec. 2000)
Flying Carpet Flying Carpet

Ulf Andersson Band
(Four Leaf Clover 1998)
Streams Streams

Ewan Svensson Trio
(Dragon Rec. 1996)
Next Step Next Step

Ewan Svensson Quartet )
(Dragon Rec. 1995)
Reflections Reflections

Ewan Svensson Quartet
(Dragon Rec. 1993)
Present Directions Present Directions

Ewan Svensson Trio )
(Dragon Rec. 1991)
String  guitar duo

Kjell Ringström - Ewan Svensson
(String LP 1989)
First Flight 

Crystal Eagle
(Dragon Rec. 1989)