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Ewan Svensson Project
feat. Diana Torto & Stefano Battaglia!

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from CD Some favorite things/ Two Generations  
The way you look tonight  
Autumn in NY  
My favorite things
Pretend you´re me
from CD Moments Passed/ Ewan Svensson Trio  
Dolphin Dance
My shining hour
My favorite things
from CD Sunrise on the Moon/ Ewan Svensson Group  
Something in return
I am touched
L&S from CD Light&Shade / Ewan Svensson Group  
The Sunflower
40 different words for snow
No words
Just live from CD Just live to tell the tale/ Ewan Svensson Quartet  
Just live to tell the tale  
Figures from CD FIGURES / Ewan Svensson Trio  
Still raining  
Stony cakes  
Treats style  
Like someone in love  
from CD MEETING / Ewan Svensson Quartet & Ginestra string quartet  

 Heavy traffic


from CD STREAMS / Ewan Svensson Trio

Short Talk
from CD PRESENT DIRECTIONS/ Ewan Svensson Trio  
Before eleven