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Ewan Svensson Project
feat. Diana Torto & Stefano Battaglia!

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Les Paul Goldtop 1968
My absolute allround favourite

Takamine CP - 132 SC
This one I use all the time

Ramirez N2CWE
Amazing big sound, this one I use more and more

ES 175 1979
My favourite jazzguitar

ES339 2008
good for any style

Patrick Eggle Berlinmodell, handmade
Perfect for blues and fusion

My amps


AER amp, simly the best for el-acoustic guitars
Peterson MKII


The only effect I use today is this old Boss VF-1
Until recently I used to have 2 Electrovoice 15" and a rack full of preamp, stereo-amp, lots of effects and synthguit.modules.
Then I found a Peterson-amp that sounds "almost" as good and I don´t have to break my back either. So (what is left of) my stereo equipment is no longer on tour.