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Ewan Svensson Project
feat. Diana Torto & Stefano Battaglia!

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Ewan Svensson - guitar
Yasuhito Mori - bass
Magnus Gran - drums

Ewan Svensson Trio (2001)
(Dragon DRCD 367)

Sketch mp3 (E. Svensson)
Still Raining mp3
(E. Svensson)
Time Remembered (B. Evans)
Waltz for J.A.(L.Adiels)
Falling Grace (S. Swallow)
Close (E. Svensson)
To M (L.Svensson)
Stony Cakes mp3 (L.Adiels)
Changed (E. Svensson)
Odd or Even (L.Adiels)
Treats Style mp3
(J. Garrison)
Like Someone in Love
mp3 (J V Heusen)

Recorded at Bohus Sound Recording, Kungälv, Sweden,
November 11, 1999 and December 18, 2000
Sound Engineer: Åke Linton
Front Cover Art: Justus Hultgren
Graphic Design: Sofia Westin
Photo: Rolf Ohlson
Mastered by Thomas Ferngren, Digitalfabriken

Produced by Ewan Svensson & Dragon Records

"The more I listen to this one, the more I like it. The first time around, it was the solid work by drummer Magnus Gran that attracted me. After a few more plays, I still feel that Gran is the key to the music´s success, but I´ve come to appreciate Yasuhito Mori´s dependable bass and Svensson´s guitar textures as equally critical to the project. Most enjoyable music that will reward repeated listening."
Stuart Kremsky, Cadence