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Ewan Svensson Project
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Ewan Svensson Trio

Ewan Svensson Yasuhito Mori Magnus Gran

Ewan Svensson

Yasuhito Mori
Magnus Gran

Photos: Per Bergbom

Ewan Svensson, considered by many to be one of Sweden´s most interesting jazz guitarists, has been both a member and leader of a succession of many jazz groups since the end of the 70´s. In 1984 he formed his first group under his own name. It started out as a trio but grew to a quartet - Ewan Svensson Quartet which since then has existed in some different constellations, toured regularly and made several records which have all been well received.
In 1987 it was time to put together a new trio, then for the purpose of accompanying the world-famous Polish saxophonist Zbigniew Namyslowski for a tour in Sweden. That collaboration continued for some years with tours to clubs, festivals and radio and TV engagements in different parts of Europe.

The trio´s first CD PRESENT DIRECTIONS with Palle Danielsson - bass, and Magnus Gran - drums, was released in -91 and received excellent reviews.
In 1993 the trio performed at, amongst other locations, the Autumn Rhythm Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Yasuhito Mori replacing Danielsson on bass and since then the group has been intact for almost 20 years.
EST has performed mostly in Scandinavia but also in France, Scotland and Japan where they have had great success on several tours. The idea of the trio is based on the conclusion that it´s easier to conduct a conversation with fewer people. The interplay becomes close and intensive and at the same time a stimulating challenge.
The music is modern melodic jazz made up of originals by Ewan Svensson together with a few favourite standards.