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Ewan Svensson Project
feat. Diana Torto & Stefano Battaglia!

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Chamber jazz with ESQ & Ensemble Ginestra

Arranged originals for string quartet and jazzgroup by Ewan Svensson.

The music has been performed in a series of concerts in Sweden and Poland as well as radio and TV.
The record Meeting, Dragon Rec., was released in October 2000.

The arrangements emphasize the melodic and lyrical side of the music.
Many of the compositions have a rather impressionistic character and these are mixed with more rythmical themes.

"The Swedish guitarist Ewan Svensson is very creative and he has good taste. On the new CD "Meeting" he plays along with string quartet Ensemble Ginestra. It´s fun, beautiful and really good" Aftonbladet
"Music that breathes freely ...the arrangements are harmonically rich och fantastically well written OJ
"The meeting between the two quartets was exactly as exciting as it seemed to be in print. Sometimes extremely beautiful, but never sentimental....fresh and exciting music." HN
"Exciting cross-over .." SLA "A lovely combination" ELA
"The arrangements take full advantage of the new combination, both skilful and attractive" HP
" Classical string quartet and the sophisticated idiom of modern chamber-jazz makes a succesful mix in the new Music in Halland- production "MEETING", played for the first time in front of an enthusiastic audience last Wednesday at the theatre of Laholm. Primarily this is about music that has a touch of neo-classicism and expressionism. It changes between romantic lyrical songs and more up-tempo straight jazz-tunes. For his own quartet and ensemble Ginestra the guitarist Ewan Svensson has written and arranged 8-9 numbers in which the possibilities of the new combination are used in a both skilful and attractive way....." JAN S HÅKANSSON, HP

"In cooperation with Musik i Halland, Falkenbergs Jazz&Blues arranged an exciting concert with a combination of two ensembles that usually work in totally different musical fields; the classical string quartet Ginestra and the modern jazzgroup ESQ. A major part of the concert consisted of newly-arranged music by Ewan Svensson. Ewan is well established as one of our foremost jazz guitarists and is also a productive composer. This is however the first time he has written for a combination of strings and jazzgroup and he has really succeeded extremely well. It is fresh and exciting music where both the qualities of the strings and the jazz quartet are used to good advantage.
The compositions of Ewan Svensson are melodic, harmonically intricate ballads or rythmical virtuoso numbers at fast tempos. Mainly it is the first of those categories that the cooperation with the strings is based upon, but some really up-tempo tunes showed that it is also possible to develop a brilliant conversation with a more straight jazz approach...." BO RIDDERSTRÖM